Skateboarding, Tongan Style

The village of Puke is the home of Tonga’s first purpose-built skateboard ramp, thanks to the efforts of Chris and Ashley Paquette who added it as one of the main features of their non-profit organisation, One Love Inc. The ramp was funded through the help… Read More

Mountain Dogs of Rarotonga

February 2016. When I looked up at the peak of Te Manga from down at sea level in Rarotonga’s main town of Avarua, something made me really want to climb it.  I imagined that the view would be amazing from the top.  I asked some… Read More

Rarotonga’s Paradise Prison

While driving around the South Pacific island of Rarotonga one day back in February, I happened upon the main entrance to the island’s prison located just off of the narrow inner-circle road. At the entrance to the prison, a small sign advertised a tourist gift… Read More

Knocked Over in Christchurch, NZ

I lived in Christchurch for a brief time over the summer of 2003/2004, when I was in NZ as a working-holiday backpacker.  I shared a small substandard apartment with a Canadian guy named Logan, and two secretive Chinese students named Beibei and Mung.  That summer… Read More

AudioVisual in Argentina

Argentina seems to be full of beautiful scenery, and friendly people that enjoy drinking wine! The song used in the video was performed by a friend of a friend named Cordoba while we were having a form of Argentinian barbecue known as an asado.  For this… Read More

AudioVisual in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a small island nation in the Western Pacific, and is probably the most peaceful place that I have ever experienced. The indigenous Ni-Van people are very friendly and they are proud of their islands, their unique cultural heritage, and especially the strength of… Read More